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Common questions regarding Mac and Webex compatibility.

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Are there any common known issues for Mac OS?


See table below regarding Mac compatibility:

Is The Webex Desktop App Supported for Mac?

The Webex Desktop App is compatible with supported versions of Mac OS.

Mac OS versions no longer supported:

  • 10.8
  • 10.9
  • 10.10
  • 10.11
  • 10.12

To determine if your Mac OS is compatible with your Webex site, see:

Can I host and present from a Mac?You may host and present from a Mac as long as your operating system and browser are supported by the Webex site.
Does Webex Support Mac OS 10.14Mac OS 10.14 is supported
Where is Webex installed?

Webex will install to different locations based on the service type and site version used. See the following article:

Can I use Firefox or Google Chrome to join a meeting?

Yes, however the supported browser versions will vary based on your Webex site version. See the following article:

Can I use Access Anywhere or Remote Access on a Mac?Access Anywhere and Remote Access are not compatible with Mac computers.
Can I share Keynote Presentations in a Webex meeting?You can share a Keynote Presentation in a Webex meeting.
Can I record a meeting using my Mac?

Yes, you may record meetings using Network-Based Recordings. See article:

Can I share Microsoft Office documents in a Webex meeting?

To share Microsoft Office documents, you must have a non-trial edition of Office installed and the Office version must be supported by your Webex site. Microsoft Office support varies based on site version. See the following article:

Microsoft ISA ProxyClients will not be able to connect to Webex meetings if they are behind a Microsoft ISA proxy server with user authentication turned on.
­Webex Teams Mac Download

Download Webex Teams For Mac

No 2011 Mac runs Mac OS 9.

This guide should help you figure out what is needed:


Note, the newest Safari it says will work, is version 6, whose version was only released for Mac OS X 10.7, and the last release which may run is for Mac OS X 10.8:

Download Cisco Webex Teams

I would contact WebEx and ask them what's the maximum version of browser and plugin they have tried.

Go to Apple menu -> About This Mac to find your Mac OS X version. iOS does not run on Macs, it only runs on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch.

I've successfully used WebEx meetings as recently as having Mac OS X 10.9 installed last June.

You can always run an older version of Windows on your Mac natively with one of these solutions:


If you didn't happen to save your 10.9 installer dmg or clone. Apple no longer makes 10.9 available.

Cisco Webex Player Install

Apple does not respond to this forum. This is just a user to user forum. The problem has to be addressed to Webex directly as their system requirements do not address the most recent browser versions Apple has. You may get this bug reported to http://bugreporter.apple.com/ after filing a free online developer account application at http://developer.apple.com/ however as WebEx is not an Apple product, I'm not hopeful this issue would be addressed. Apple uses that Developer link for all developers to address their issues, and it would be more fruitful for WebEx to determine what's missing in their code from Apple.

Cisco Webex Teams Download Mac


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