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A slideshow is a very convenient way of showing off your professional skills and becoming an excellent presenter. In recent time, slideshows have become a great way of telling a story without making the narration annoying.
If you're looking for software that works effortlessly for your Mac computers, you’ve found the place. Using the software given below, you can create a beautiful slideshow for any occasion without any special skills.

1. iSkysoft Slideshow Maker

This slideshow maker works perfectly for Mac OS and can be used for making movies and slideshows quickly. Do you want to burn videos to DVDs? This application makes it possible. Import from iMovie and iPhoto files and combine everything effortless to add more effects to your slideshow.
Create personalised slideshows using themes and editing features. Add your credits and captions, background music and other effects. It is compatible with almost any version of Mac.

2. iPhoto

It is a slideshow making program exclusively for Mac. It has a beautiful interface that makes working on slideshows a pleasure, and it’s very easy to learn and use.

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iPhoto has an extensive range audio effects and shortcuts that make everything effortless. You can add your custom effects and change something quickly when you feel unsatisfied with something.
Aside from this, it has great editing tools and effects that make your slideshow attractive. It organises your photos so that you can share your slideshows more easily on any social media platform.

3. iSkysoft DVD Creator

Here we have another highly recommended slideshow maker that is used for Mac computers. It enables the user to drag and drop photos and videos so that you can create beautiful slideshows in the simplest way possible.
Add music and other effects to make things interesting. A cool feature iSkysoft provides is that you can convert the videos into another format or save them to a DVD quickly. It offers thousands of free DVD menu templates.
If you want to save time and money while making your slideshow, you have found it with iSkysoft DVD Creator. It doesn’t require any extra tools while converting to DVD and is easy enough to understand.

4. Phoenix Slides

This is great software for full-screen slideshows. It supports EXIF data and JPEG transformations so you can easily rotate and zoom on pictures with the program.
You have your basic editing options with background changers and sound effects.

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EPEG loads the photos quickly, so you're essentially saving a lot of time with creation.
The user interface is fairly straightforward to understand although it doesn’t have as many features as some other slideshow makers might.

5. HyperEngine AV

This is a multimedia editor that makes impressive slideshows using photos, videos, texts and sounds. You have the drag and drop option available, so you don’t even have to bat an eyelid to get your data in on place. Add sound effects and give your photos an authentic feel with HyperEngine AV.
Sort through your pictures quickly and create DVD quality slideshows with studio effects. Although it is slightly tricky to install, the end product will always leave you satisfied.

6. Cocoa Slideshow

Cocoa is your standard image viewing and slideshow making software. It is open source and totally free. Download it online and go crazy with your presentation making.
The app supports Apple Remote, user meta data and GPS mapping.
Some features available for editing is low, but it’s still handy enough if you want something for quick use.

7. Slidehshow Magic

If you want to create professional looking slides, this is the application for you. Use your photo collection any way you want to create a slideshow and save them in a QucikTime compatible format.

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Slideshow Magic has an easy to navigate user interface and can handle DVD imports well enough. DVD burning requires third party software, and uploading requires you to have your FTP client.

8. Visual Slideshow

Here is a very simple slideshow maker for Mac. It has a handy drag and drops tool that makes organising photos a delight. The transition effects available with Visual Shadow do not require any extra coding or downloading.
The application has some great visual effects, and you can create slideshows within minutes. It has an interactive user interface to make tasks easier. Navigation is easy, and you don’t require a Flash player to view your creations.
Visual Shadow is a little tricky during installation, though, and you need to be patient with it.

9. 4k Slideshow Maker

Do you want a simple slideshow maker that doesn’t have too much going on with it? 4k Slideshow Maker is the one for you. It is very simple to use and doesn’t include any extra useless features that you might not require while you're making your presentation.
It does include a host of transition effects and music in the database for a multitude of options while you make your slideshow. It supports HD displays, and you can save your output in different formats.

10. PhotoStage Slideshow Producer

You can now easily create slideshows of the highest quality using PhotoStage Slideshow Producer. It supports recording a narrative audio while you go through your presentation. It customises all the options to your need and makes your tasks simpler.
It comes bundled with many slideshow tools and can combine different media formats into one slideshow presentation.
PhotoStage comes packed with features and is very easy to install. You have an intuitive user interface that can predict what you want to do and has full HD support for your final presentation. Some of its features are difficult to use in the beginning but you get used to them the more you use them.
Mac os software versions

Slideshow is a tool that can help us display information via using a series of still photos in a very fresh and dynamic way. There are many ways regarding how you can make a slideshow on Windows. But do you know the ways to make a slideshow on Mac? If you just need to know how to do the slideshow on your Mac, please click the button below to download the best software and check these simple tutorials after the jump.

5 easy ways to make a slideshow on Mac

Use LightMV

ISkysoft Slideshow Maker. This slideshow maker works perfectly for Mac OS and can be used for. From Kudlian Software: With SlideShow you can easily display pictures, create their own presentations or produce exciting stories. Work can be exported as a movie from pictures, sounds and music.

LightMV is an online tool generally used during making awesome slideshows by just importing photos and typing texts. It has many kinds of well-designed themes along with perfect background music to be integrated into your slideshow.

What is a big advantage is that no skills are needed for using this tool, as you just need to finish these simple steps listed below to make a slideshow.

  1. Open you browser and visit LightMV or click the button below to download the LightMV on your Mac.
  2. Preview the themes provided on this site by clicking the “Play” icon displayed at the center of the video thumbnail. Afterwards, select the one you like by clicking “Select” button shown at the bottom of the theme.
  3. At this point, click the “Upload Photos” button to import the photos that are planned to be used to make the slideshow.
  4. When photos are finished being uploaded, click “YOUR TITLE HERE” in order to input the texts for opening and end.
  5. Click “Produce” button. If you don’t have time to stay in front of your computer, you may enter your email and click “OK”. After that, you can close the window. The video link will be afterwards sent to your email inbox automatically when it finishes processing the video.

Use Option Spacebar in Finder

It is luckily very easy to create a slideshow on Mac via using the Option Spacebar.

  1. Firstly, open the “Finder” in the dock on your Mac and select the images of your preference.
  2. Press both “Option and Spacebar” keys on your keyboard. Afterwards, you can see that the selected images are displayed as a slideshow in full screen mode.
  3. If you need to preview the previous slide, just click the left pointing arrow. To go to the next slide, you can just press the right pointing arrow. To stop playing the slides, click the two vertical bars icon. Click the four squares icon then you can see all the slides are shown in thumbnails mode on a single page.

Use Preview in Finder

The Preview tool included on Mac computers also has slideshow capability which can easily be launched from Finder.

Refer to this guide to learn how to make a slideshow on Mac:

  1. Open “Finder” and choose the images you need to use for making a slideshow.
  2. Right click on the selected images and afterwards choose “Open” from the menu for the tool to process your images.
  3. Once Preview opens all of your selected images, click “View” > “Slideshow” to launch the slideshow.
  4. The first double pointing arrow that can be pressed lets you go to the first slide and the double pointing right arrow on the other side will take you to the last slide of the slideshow. Click the two vertical bars if you need to pause the playback. To close the slideshow, you may click the cross icon.

Use Apple Photos

Apple Photos tool can also help you create a slideshow with music on Mac. Compared to the Option Spacebar and Preview methods, it provides you with more controls over theme, music, timing, transition and more.

The steps to make a slideshow with Photos are the follows:

  1. Import the images to Photos program and select them for your slideshow.
  2. Select “Create Slideshow” from “File” menu. A prompt with default name for the slideshow will pop up. If you need, you can customize the name of slideshow.
  3. Click “Upload Photos” button to import the photos used to make the slideshow.
  4. All of your slideshows that are created will be displayed in the left pane under the Projects tab. Therefore, just click “Projects” and double click the slideshow thumbnail to open it.
  5. Click the “Play” icon to play the slideshow. You may adjust the volume of background music by clicking “sound” icon in the floating control. Click the “Themes” button to set the theme. Afterwards, press the “Music” button and select a song that you prefer from the list presented in the library to set it as background sound for slideshow. Click “Duration” button to set for how long each slide shall be played.

Use iMovie

iMovie is a very popular video editing program which comes along with all Mac computers. It also offers you the chance to create a polished slideshow in minutes.

Free slideshow software for mac os x 10.8

The simple tutorial to make a slideshow with iMovie is the one you find below:

  1. Open iMovie and select to create a new movie by clicking “File” > “New Movie”. Choose the theme that can suit your project best from the various themes options.
  2. Click “Import Media” and open the photos folder. Here just easily press the “Command key” on keyboard and click to select each of the images that you want to add, click “Import All”. Highlight all the images, and drag them to the timeline.
  3. In order to change the transitions between slides, double click on them afterwards select to edit the transitions. Double click the opening and closing screens to edit the texts.
  4. Finally, to import a new song as background music, go to the “Import” tab and select the track and click “Import”. Click the “Play” button to play the slideshow. You can view it in full mode by clicking the “Full Screen” icon. You may save the project after editing.


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These five methods presented above can call help you make a slideshow on Mac very effortlessly. Obviously, there are only limited control options for making a slideshow using the Option Spacebar and the Preview tool in Finder. Both Photos and iMovie methods give more features that can also be incorporated such as transitions, sound, etc., over slideshow. Compare to the other four tools shared here, LightMV might be the easiest and most effective application for creating professional-looking slideshow. First, it doesn’t require you to do any other complicated steps, just upload photos and input opening and end texts. Second, it offers many more beautiful and stylish themes than the ones provided by Photos or iMovie.

Free Slideshow Software For Mac Os X 10.11


Free Slideshow Software Mac

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