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Most artists and designers use tools to develop different designs for professional purposes, like making designs for commercial presentations, making designs for portfolio updates or simply, making designs as hobbies to develop their skills in digital designing and landscaping. Most architecture designers use different designing tools to make interior and exterior artwork.

Home Designer Landscaping Software by Chief Architect (Paid) Chief Architect is one of the leading developers and publishers of 3D Architectural home design, and have also developed a software for landscape design that is just as up to par. This is often used by architects, interior designers, landscape designer and home designers, even DIYers. Home Design software has all the design features you need! Impressive tools and realistic visualization combine into one must-have home and landscape design package. Whether your project is large or small, our Mac software has what you need to create professional level designs.


  1. PRO Landscape is a Windows application but we have hundreds of customers that are successfully running PRO Landscape on a Mac. Our Mac users have found the best solution is to install a program called Parallels Desktop which will help you then install a copy of Windows (7, 8 or 10) on your Mac.
  2. Design - Seamlessly blend your physical and digital living spaces using augmented reality 3D or traditional 2D designs. Share - Collaborate with your spouse or a landscape pro on the project and use iScape to share your vision and make it a reality. Now, you can even design in the same Augmented Reality world. Buy - We inventory all the.

3D Landscape Softwarepossess a few features and tools that will help you make more accurate and more detailed landscape designs. These types of software will also train you to use more advanced designing software.

Punch! Home Design Studio


TurboFloorPlan Home & Landscape


Garden Planner

ConceptDraw PRO


Landscape Design Tools

Advanced computer specifications are a must for the software features and the program itself to run properly. Without them, expect some lag as the software can be a little too much for subpar setups. Here’s a look at some of the tools that are included in this type of software:

Home Plan Templates – Most designing software programs will provide you with different templates to start your designs and add-on additional designs to complete your artwork. This will also save you the time you waste in making your plans from scratch and getting ideas on how to make your plans as well.

Landscape, Building Structure, and Design Tools – Most designing software programs will provide you with different tools to make both landscapes as well as floor plans using just one platform. You don’t need to install or open another software to create specific parts of your design.

2D and 3D design – Other designing software programs also provide 2D and 3D options for your designs, giving you versatility in your presentations. This will give your customers a better visual on your designs and be able to understand your concept better.

If you need specific software to make backyard or front yard designs, you can download a Patio Design Softwareonline




PRO Landscape

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2016


Live Home 3D – Most Popular Software


More Designing Software Tools and Features

Most pieces of any software have customer service options for you if you need help with managing the software itself, or if you need help troubleshooting specific software issues. You can usually check out their user guides and tips embedded in the software itself or on their company websites. After all, some of the more advanced features can get a little too tricky. Some of these features are:

Tree And Garden Features – It is imperative that a landscape design software includes tools to simulate outdoor elements like a garden and trees. Build the landscape utopia you—or your client, if you have one—wants. Litter a few trees here and there or even a gazebo beside a lake. You’re free to do what you will.

Interior And Room Design Tools – Advanced designing software give you the tools to design your interiors and rooms with different furniture and appliances for presentation purposes and to calculate your room space as well.

Free Professional Landscape Design Software For Mac Computers

3D Design Transformation – You get to transform your 2D designs into a 3D one with different conversion tools to make more realistic and entertaining designs.

Professional Landscaping

You can also use these types of software to design your own decks or use a Deck Design Softwareonline.

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At my college, I teach a course named “Computers in Landscape Design” where I train landscape design students in AutoCad and Adobe Suite Programs, among others. These programs are tremendous for landscape designers who wish to use industry-standard software like regular landscape architects; however, they can be very expensive.

Students often do have access to free trials of the software, but for anyone interested in continually using them for the purposes of their professional business, eventually they will need to pay for the programs. To provide some perspective, currently the subscription for AutoCad software is around $200 per month. Unfortunately, this is just too expensive for many new business owners.

Students often ask me if there are any free landscape design apps that work well for professionals. Over the past several years, I tested many free landscape design apps on various projects. In this article, I will review the pros and cons of the market’s five main free landscape design applications.

First, I won’t keep you guessing – my recommendation for the best free app is iScapes. The iScapes app is by far the best free landscape design app among its peers, having quality graphics, a solid user-interface, and a good plant library. In the table below, I provided a breakdown of some of my ratings for each of the five design apps. In case the image is too small, click here to download the pdf version. I will provide some helpful insights of each app in the sections that follow, along with some common issues that may influence your decision before downloading. But before you head off and just download the iScapes or PROLandscape app, I want to give you a little piece of wisdom I’ve accrued over my years of design. There is no substitute for a poor knowledge of landscape plants or design. If you are new to gardening or landscape design, before you purchase any app, I would highly suggest picking up a copy of The Essential Garden Design Workbook along with some essential drafting supplies and learn the old-fashioned way. Not only will it be fun, but you will be a better designer by doing this.

Okay, that’s my word of warning – now onto the reviews

Finally – before I diveinto each application – I must state that noneof these free programs compare to the professional industry standards ofAutoCad, Vectorworks, PROLandscape, or Dynascape. Although these programs dohave some good features – they just simply cannot match the quality of theprofessional software. But for those designers that are looking for a cheapoption that can get the job done, some are worth checking out.

iScapes (Rating: 16/20 )

The iScapes software offers a free and paid premium subscription service. The paid service offers a larger plant library, along with additional image downloads, and project archives; however, the free version is very useful for a beginner landscaper or do-it-yourselfer. The biggest disadvantage of the app is that it is currently only available for iPhone or iPads. For Android users, they will need to find a substitute. To try iScapes, click here.

Pros: The biggest advantage of this app is the graphic quality of the three dimensional landscape elements. The drag and drop interface, along with the visual characteristics of the app make it very useful to professionals doing quick designs for clients on-site.

Cons: As with most of the apps you will see on the list, the major disadvantage is that if you want additional quality add-ons, you will need to pay. A more extensive plant library, along with additional project storage is available with payment.

Home Outside (Rating: 10/20)

I originally had high hopes for the Home Outside app, as the average app review was 3.8/5.0 with many positive comments. After having used the app in many different types of projects, I was disappointed in the lack of three-dimensional perspectives and the limited plant library. To test out the software, click here.

Pros: For plan graphics, the renderings are quite nice and the app allows for the importing of google maps of your customer’s property.

Cons: The biggest downside to the app is the lack of any real plant library. The plants are categorized by “tree” or “shrubs” with no indication or availability to specify the planting in the free version. The paid version does offer some extra features.

Home Design 3D (Rating: 5/20)

Home Design 3D was an intriguing app that had very distinctive reviews when I originally had downloaded it. People seemed to either love it, or hate it. Unfortunately, I was one of the latter. The app is very useful for interior planning and design, but falls short for any realistic landscape design applications. To try the app, click here.

Landscape Design Software For Mac

Pros: The only thing the app has working for it is the 3D aspect. The three-dimensional rendering capabilities are better than I would have expected for a free app.

Cons: The user-interface is very poor and the app itself is not intuitive. This combination makes for a very difficult experience for a designer, especially when there are other options available. I would hope that future updates provide pop-ups or a tutorial at the beginning to help designers navigate the platform prior to starting a design.

PROLandscape Home (Rating: 5/20)

I will start off with a disclaimer. In one of my classes, I train designers on the PROLandscape Professional Softwares (Planner, ImageEditor, and Proposal). These are good (but expensive) programs that are very useful for design. I believe it is a great marketing strategy by the developer Drafix to provide this free app to showcase some of the basic features of their paid programs.

With that being said, I found it difficult to provide an honest review of the free version because I kept remembering the full functionality of the paid programs. In any case, I did my best to realistically provide good feedback on the user-interface. Overall, there are many elements that can be improved. To test this out app, click here.

Pros: The free software has many similarities with the overlay perspectives of Home Outside, but with a greater plant library. The biggest drawback of the software is that most of the plant database is only offered for the paid version.

Free Professional Landscape Design Software For Mac 2020

Cons: The app is not very intuitive and there is very little within the program to provide help or support. Also, there is a limited availability of plants, with poor customization, and relatively no ability to modify the existing library.

Sketchup Viewer (Rating: 5/20)

I had originally downloaded the Sketchup Viewer because I had received a recommendation about the app from another designer. I already have extensive knowledge in Sketchup, along with a variety of other 3D Software programs including three-dimensional CAD, Rhino, and Revitt, so I figured the Sketchup Viewer was worth a try. In general, it was a big disappointment as the viewer does not really offer anything valuable for a designer that does not have access to the base-program of Sketchup. To test out the viewer, click here.

Pros: If you have the ability to work on a regular computer to complete a great 3D model in Sketchup, the Viewer is useful -essentially just a tool to view the model and show it to your client on site. Other than that, the viewer does little else.

Cons: It is not a design software and offers no specific landscape capabilities. The app is obsolete without actually using Sketchup to generate the landscape model.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best free landscape design apps that also offer some assistance in designing and showcasing designs to clients in a professional manner, then I would recommend iScapes. If you do not have an iPhone or iPad, use Home Outside.

None of the free apps have great functionality when compared to their paid counterparts. If you are starting out in the design profession, the free apps might be worth exploring but you will quickly find better value from some of the other paid alternatives.

If you haven’t already – check out my article on Gift Ideas for Landscape Designers – you can use the money you’ve saved on some nice things for a fellow gardener, or yourself.

For more articles on Landscape Design, please be sure to check out our Design resources and landscape Business articles.

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