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The easiest way to find the CLI is to fire up your favorite search engine, and search for 'download aws cli.' In this case I'm on a Mac, Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. I will explain how to install the AWS CLI, set up your credentials, sync files, delete, upload and download. Download AWS CLI from Amazon. Install to your system. Set up your credentials. Once AWS CLI is installed you will need to configure it with your credentials to be able to work with your S3 buckets. Run the following command.

Step-by-step tutorial of how to download and install AWS CLI on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The AWS CLI is an open source tool built on top of the AWS SDK for Python that provides commands for interacting with AWS services.

It provides direct access to AWS services’ public APIs enabling us to develop shell scripts to manage our resources(EC2, S3 etc)

Check out the releases CHANGELOG for more information on the latest release and choose the version that is required for your Operating System and your project. If you just getting started with AWS CLI , I suggest you to get the latest stable release.

  • Applicable for Linux, macOS
  • Python 2 version 2.6.5+ or Python 3 version 3.3+

Check your Python installation:

If you do not have Python already installed, or you would like to install a different version of Python, do it before you continue.

Install AWS CLI – Windows

You can install the AWS CLI on Windows with a standalone installer and is supported on Windows XP or later.

Repeat the installation process to get the latest version of the AWS CLI.

Aws Cli For Mac

  1. Run the downloaded setup file
  2. NOTE
    The CLI installs to C:Program FilesAmazonAWSCLI (64-bit) or C:Program Files (x86)AmazonAWSCLI (32-bit) by default.

Install AWS CLI – Linux

We will use the default package managers to install since is available on most Linux distributions and the installation is straight forward.

Install AWS CLI – Mac OS

The easiest and quickest way to install awscli is using Homebrew.

Verify Install

When you’re done, you should be able to run the aws –version command and get the version information:


Download and run the MSI Installer.

Python, pip and AWS CLI

To install Python 3 and pip

If you don’t have Python 3 and pip install do the following.

Download and install the Python 3 installer from

Install aws-cli via pip

Using the Windows Command Prompt verify that both python and pip are installed.

Install the aws-cli via pip

Adding the AWS CLI Executable to your Command Line Path

After installing with pip, add the aws program to your OS’s PATH environment variable.

  • Python 3 and pipC:Program FilesPython37Scripts

  • Python 3 and pip –user option%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalProgramsPythonPython37Scripts

To modify your PATH variable (Windows)

  1. Press the Windows key and type environment variables.

  2. Choose Edit environment variables for your account.

  3. Choose PATH and then choose Edit.

  4. Add paths to the Variable value field, separated by semicolons. For example: C:existingpath;C:newpath

  5. Choose OK twice to apply the new settings.

  6. Close any running command prompts and re-open.

Brew Method

Brew is a package manager that helps install a bunch of packages that apple didn’t include. It can save you a-lot of time.

Download Aws Cli For Mac

Install brew (skip if already installed)

Paste this into the terminal prompt. The script explains what it will do then pauses before it does.

Install aws-cli

Pip Method

Check if pip and python is installed.

If python is not installed download and install Python 3.6 from

If pip is not installed run the following provided by the Python Packaging Authority.

Install aws-cli via pip

Adding the AWS CLI Executable to your Command Line Path

After installing with pip, you may need to add the aws program to your OS’s PATH environment variable. The location of the program depends on where Python is installed.

If you don’t know where it was installed run the following command. The first output path may be to a symlink, so we need to run -al to where it points.

pip installs programs in the same folder that contains the Python program. Add this folder to your PATH variable.

To modify your PATH variable (Linux, macOS, or Unix)

Find your shell’s profile script in your user folder. If you are not sure which shell you have, run echo $SHELL.

Add an export command to your profile script.

This command adds a path, ~/.local/bin in this example, to the current PATH variable.

Load the profile into your current session.

Check if your AWS CLI install was successful.

Configure AWS-CLI with aws configure

After this command is run, it will ask for 4 pieces of information:

The most important pieces of information are AWS Access Key ID [****************DXAQ]:and AWS Secret Access Key [****************0lUP]:

To get your access key information –

  1. Navigate and sign into AWS Console
  2. Go to the “IAM” section
  3. Click on “Users”
  4. Find you username and click on it
  5. Click on the “Security credentials” and click create access key.

The two other pieces of information remaining are Default region nameand Default output format. Set your region to where you would like your commands to run. I typically leave the output format as None, however text, json and table are available.

Install aws cli 2

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