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If, in the meantime you should have deleted the disk image file, advance to the Support&Downloads section of the Wibu-Systems website, and download the CodeMeter User Runtime file. Go to the directory CmRunTime and start the program CmUninstall.mpkg.

  • Is CodeMeter Runtime Server running on your computer? It is running if on Windows the CodeMeter icon is shown in the tray, on Mac OS X you can see a terminal window with the output of the CodeMeter Runtime Server, on Linux you can see a terminal window with the output of the CodeMeter.
  • CodeMeter Runtime-Kit Installation for Mac; CodeMeter Runtime-Kit Installation for Linux; After you have successfully installed the CodeMeter Runtime-Kit you should register your CmStick at Only if your CmStick is registered, you will be.

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The CodeMeter CmStick (CmStick) is a USB tool, which stores the licenses of software this is included with CodeMeter. Software companies are using CodeMeter to shield their software program against piracy and counterfeiting, and manage licensing flexibly.

As a consumer, you often don’t have to buy the complete software program, however best the factor you want, and therefore you gain of some charge benefit. If you want to start your CodeMeter-protected software, you want the associated license to be present to your PC on a server in a linked CmStick or in a related CmCard.

Codemeter runtime install
CmStickCmStick MECmStick/C BasicCmStick/CCmStick/MI 2GBCmStick/MC 8GBCmStick/MC 32GB


The primary functions of CodeMeter are carried out inside the hardware and therefore available on all working structures assisting USB. For the particular software program compatibility please seek advice from the subsequent desk.

(32/64 Bit)
Mac OS XWin XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
(32/64 Bit)
CodeMeter Stick
Buy Software
Flash Memory

Need for Wibu Cmstick Codemeter Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

1- Need your software ( Program ) Setup. You can upload any uploader web page ( etc.. ) or if you have FTP .. ( This is IMPORTAND ) after the upload send me link with order form or send via mail [email protected]

2- Need Log with dongle . here log software and how make log.

Close Windows UAC Settings

Must run with Adminstrator.

How make BusTrace log from IST SmartCard – Download.

Zip password is :

0) Software must be installed

1) Install BusTrace client

2) Run BusTrace client after install one and press Configure button

3) Select in tree

– Universal Serial Bus controllers

– All low-level USB bus activity

4) Reboot computer

5) After reboot INSERT dongle INTO USB slot

6) Run BusTrace client

7) Press button Next .

8) Select dongle in device tree . Another devices must be unchecked .

9) Press button Next and select parameters .

10) PRESS button Start Capture

Pay attention !!!


11) Click right button of mouse on Codemeter Control Center in tray and select Show

12) In Codemeter Control Center select: Process –> Stop Codemeter Service

13) In Codemeter Control Center select: Process –> Start Codemeter Service

14) Run your protected program . Work it and use all features.

15) Press button End capture in BusTrace client window

16) Press button Next

17) Press button Save and save log to file

18) Send me this file [email protected]

As per a previous article “The Pros & Cons of CodeMeter License Borrowing” which explained the difference between a Wibukey and a CodeMeter key. It highlighted the fact: Currently the full commercial version of ArchiCAD is licensed using WibuKey or CodeMeter hardware protection, allowing full functionality of the software. CodeMeter is currently the latest “model”.

Codemeter user download

There are times that it is important to update the driver for the WibuKey or CodeMeter due to a change made to your computer, for example installing a new Operating System. e.g. Upgrading your computer from Windows 7 Professional 32-bit to 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to 10.7 (Lion). Another reason would be due to experiencing an inconsistency with functionality of the keyplug.

The first place to start would be to go to the Graphisoft webpage WibuKey and CodeMeter Driver and CodeMeter Enabler download this has:

  • The following WibuKey drivers were tested by Graphisoft to use with ArchiCAD version 7.0 to version 15.
  • The CodeMeter drivers were tested for ArchiCAD version 10 to version 15

But in certain circumstances (e.g. you experience a problem with the keyplug responding after applying a new OS System update) it might be necessary to download the driver directly from WIBU – User Software if directed to do so by a support consultant.

Uninstalling an “older” Wikukey or CodeMeter driver for Windows

From the Windows – Start menu > Control Panel – if you have:


Codemeter Runtime

“View by: Category” selected, then click on “Programs Uninstall a program”

“View by: Large icons” selected, then click on “Programs and Features”

Then in the list you will find: CodeMeter Runtime Kit OR WibuKey Setup (Wibukey Remove). It is possible to find both CodeMeter and WibuKey drivers installed on the same computer, including more than one driver listed, in which case select one by one to delete. N.B. before uninstalling or reinstalling the key plug must not be plugged into the computer. To uninstall > double click item in list – Confirm all prompts.

Once you have done this you can now proceed to install the new driver you downloaded. After you have done this it is a good idea to restart your computer (a prompt might appear to do this) then you can plug your key plug back into any available USB slot.

Uninstalling an “older” Wikukey or CodeMeter driver for Mac OS X

The uninstaller for CodeMeter is called “CmUninstall”

Codemeter Runtime Install

The uninstaller for WIBU is called “WkUninstall”

Codemeter Mac Download Torrent

N.B. For Mac OS X it does not matter if the key plug is connected to the computer or not, it makes no difference.