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Chrome voor Mac downloaden. Voor Mac OS X 10.10 of hoger. Deze computer ontvangt geen Google Chrome-updates meer, omdat Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9 niet meer worden ondersteund. Download Chrome for macOS. Free The Simplest, Safest Way to Clean Your Mac. Disk Cleaner for Mac.

How to remove Chrome Policies Mac?

  1. Chrome will only sync this data on your approved devices, so you can rest easy that your information is safe. CPU usage is immensely important when choosing a web browser. Keep your Mac’s CPU free by browsing with Google Chrome, maximizing overall system performance. Chrome for Mac is currently available in 47 languages.
  2. In case an extra thing could also be done that is to install MAC OS X on a virtual machine like a virtual box or something. Yeah, it seems difficult to find this software to download but on google, various sites direct you to the links to download it easily without any problem. Download Google Chrome OS ISO Document for Windows.
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Download the Policy Remover

First, download the 'Chrome Policy Remover for Mac' on your personal Mac computer. The automatic Apple Script file that will delete all the Chrome Policies from your Mac Google Chrome web browser.

Unzip the ZIP file

Second, unzip the 'Chrome Policy Remover for Mac' file you just downloaded in your download folder or other location you chose in your personal Google Chrome web browser.

Double click on the Apple Script

And at last, double click on 'Chrome–Policy–Remover-for-Mac'. That will close automatically the Google Chrome web browser windows. Delete all the configuration profiles and the Chrome policies.

How to remove Chrome Policies Windows?

Google chrome mac os x

Download the Policy Remover

First, download the Chrome Policy Remover for Windows on your personal computer. To get the automatic tool that will delete all the Chrome Policies from your Google Chrome web browser.

Unzip the ZIP file

Second, click right on the Chrome Policy Remover bat file for Windows that you just downloaded in your download folder or other location. And select the item 'Run as administrator' from the contextmenu.

Double click on the file

And at last, if you see a message saying that the type of file can harm your computer, click Keep. Click Yes at the confirmation prompt and allow the process to complete to run this Chrome Policy Remover.


How did I get this issue?

When you install unwanted software on your computer, that can damage your computer settings. And that can come from fake Adobe Flash player update to Java player, or just an internet games. And Windows and Mac computers are the most harmful for this kind of damage. Here will bad developers can misuse the Chrome policies. And force the user to use his Chrome extension and or use that default search engine. Furthermore, makes it very difficult to delete this Chrome extension and search engine in the Chrome settings page. Because the delete button is disabled, and the users will only see this message 'Managed By Your Organization'.

Chrome Policy Remover task

All this Chrome Policy Remover (for Windows and Mac) include this features:

  • + Close all Chrome web browser windows
  • + Delete all the configuration profiles
  • + Delete all the Chrome Policies

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If you have any questions about the Chrome web browser. Or you experience an issue on Chrome desktop web browser or mobile app. You can always reach our Chrome community forum. We are here to help. And we look forward to seeing you at our help forum.


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Press release

September 2, 2019

The release of the first Chrome Policy Remover for Mac on the Stefan vd blog. That have been annocument by myself as the Google Chrome Product Expert and web browser expert.

Chrome Policy Remover tool FAQ

What is 'Chrome Policy Remover for Mac'?

It is a simple and one-click application solution to delete all these Chrome policies. That has been set by bad software such as, SearchMine search, Searchbaron,,, etc. That will remove the settings and search engine with the message 'Managed By Your Organization'. It is only available for the Google Chrome web browser (on Windows and Mac). That is created by the web browser expert Stefan Van Damme.

Is the 'Chrome Policy Remover' a Free tool?

Yes, the Chrome Polic Remover for Mac is a 100% free tool to delete all the Chrome policies in your Google Chrome web browser. There no payment needed to get this file. Furthermore, this tool is written by the Google Chrome Product Expert Stefan Van Damme. It is open-source and you are free to look inside this Apple Script code.

Where can I download this free Chrome Policy Remover for Mac?

You can download the official Chrome Policy Remover for Mac on this website. And when you click on the blue download button, it will download this file into your download or desktop folder as a zip file.

Can I delete the Apple Script file when it removed the bad search engine?

Yes, when the bad Chrome settings and the search engine is removed from your Chrome web browser. And you do not see this message anymore 'Managed By Your Organization' on your Chrome settings page. Then you can delete the file from your computer because there is no need anymore.

Can I support you?

Chrome Browser Download Mac

Yes. I create this tool in my free time so you can get and keep using the best Chrome web browser on your personal device. However, I distribute this as a free tool. But my host, domain and that cost yearly money to keep it available for everyone. You can make a small donation to support my work.

Why should I use this Chrome Policy Remover tool?

When you as a user can not delete a Chrome extension or search engine. That is added by bad software on your computer. Such as a fake Adobe Flash update or Java update. This Chrome Policy Remover tool will force and delete all the Chrome Policies in your Google Chrome web browser automatically with a single click.

Chrome 27 Mac Download

Google Chrome App Free Download For Mac

For who is this Chrome Policy Remover tool?

This tool is created for non–tech savvy users that have less or no experience with using a computer. And find it difficult to delete this 'Managed By Your Organization' message in his Chrome web browser. Thereby with this Chrome Policy Remover tool will do all the steps itself with a single click on this file.

Note: Only available for the Google Chrome web browser on Windows and Mac. Chrome Policy Remover™ is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Google Inc.


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