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It is easily possible to run this software through WINE.

Batch Rename Files on Mac Using Finder. If you are using Yosemite or later versions, then you can use this inbuilt tool to batch rename your files easily. This batch rename utility is part of the Finder which means no add-ons or downloads you require to batch rename your files. Trusted Windows (PC) download Bulk Rename Utility 3.4. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Bulk Rename Utility alternative downloads.

Note this is not officially supported by the developers, and I give no guarantee that this method won't break with future versions of the app
Here's a quick step-by-step:
1. Download WineBottler from their website, open the DMG file, and move those applications to the Applications folder
2. Download the BRU installer from the website
3. Open WineBottler from your Applications folder
4. Click on the 'Advanced' icon at the top menu bar
5. On the 'Program Installation' section, click 'Select File...' to the right, and open the .exe file you just downloaded
6. (Optional) Check the 'Include Wine.app, so the ... ' box. This allows you to distribute the .app file to anyone so they can just open and run
7. (Optional) Give a unique identifier for the application, such as uk.co.bulkrenameutilityRename. This will help keep your WINE workspace more tidy in the event you use more WINE applications in the future
8. Click 'Install' at the bottom right. Give your file a name and location, and click 'Save'
9. A few windows pop up as WINE prepares the installer. Wait patiently
10. Go through the installer. To keep things simple, uncheck the 'Install Windows Explorer Extension', and 'Install Samples' boxes
11. Uncheck the 'Run Bulk Rename Utility' box at the end of the installer
12. In the final window, select the option that contains 'Bulk Rename Utility.exe', and click 'OK' to finish the installation process
WINE has some quirks here and there, but it works fine once you get started. When you open the application, you'll see a 'C:' drive and a 'Z:' drive. The 'Z:' drive maps right to your Macbook's hard drive, so if you can find it on your Mac, you can find it in this drive
BulkThanks for following along, and enjoy using this amazing program on Mac!!

Sometimes we would want to name our pictures with specific text styles that most computers won’t let us do like using special characters in naming our pictures. Sometimes we would need to name our pictures with specific text styles for organizing purposes. We also name our pictures with special characters as another way of placing watermarks in our pictures.


Here, we share to you a few photo renaming software, its common features, and some advantages these software will have for you. If you need to rename your files with special texts, you can download a File Rename Softwarefrom the web.


Advanced Renamer

BatchRename 4

Bulk Rename Utility Mac Download Software

Bulk Rename Utility

Batch File Modifier

Bulk Rename Utility Mac Download Free


Photo Renaming Software Tools

The main reason why users want to download these types of software is to use its renaming tools and features for pictures. These software programs are easy-to-use, which means that both regular and tech savvy users will be able to learn these programs in no time. Other tools and features these types of software have include:

Rename Command Tools – These types of software mainly have rename command tools to give your texts different styles and to know which part of your texts you would want to edit. When you get the premium versions of these software programs, you get to have more command tools you can use to rename your pictures.

Batch Renaming – To shorten your workload and prevent you from editing your pictures one at a time, batch editing tools are supported by these types of software. This will help you finish quickly.

Multiple File Support – These types of software support multiple formats saving you from having to download another software to convert your pictures.

Other users use a photo renaming software because they also have Watermark Toolswhich they can place as texts in the photo name. These can protect your pictures from change of ownership and infringement.

Rename Master

Fast Photo Renamer 4.2 For Windows

TweakNow FileRenamer For Mac

Bulk Rename Utility Mac Download

Gallery Rename Plugin For Android

File Renamer Basic – Most Popular Software

Photo Renaming Software Advantages

There are other advantages a photo renaming software can do besides from providing you with photo renaming tools to edit your picture’s file name. Other advantages these types of software have include:

  • Photo Watermark Substitute – You can rename your pictures with special characters instead of placing image watermarks in your pictures. Your pictures will look cleaner with having text watermarks instead since file text watermarks cannot be deleted or changed, which makes it the perfect watermark.
  • Use On Your Devices – You can now use these types of software as apps you can download in your mobile phones and tablets. You can uses these apps to edit photo names in your devices.
  • Finish Work Quickly – You get to finish tons of pictures in one go when you use the batch editing features in these software programs. This will save you time to do other tasks, and be more productive.

When you want to resize multiple images at once, you can download a Bulk Image Resizersoftware to help you do batch editing for your pictures instead of editing one picture at a time. Basic photo editing software and advanced ones usually have photo batch editing tools which you can easily download from the internet as well.

Bulk Rename Free

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