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A desktop calendar software is a must have for every PC out there. Are you looking for a suitable one for your desktop? Now, the market is packed with many such software programs but then not all would be equally compatible with you. This is why we have come up with a great roster of the best desktop calendar software programs we have today so that you don’t have to survey each of them individually.

How to Install eSchool Agenda for Windows PC or MAC: eSchool Agenda is an Android Education App that is developed by eSchool S.A.L. And published on Google play store on Sep 3, 2018. It has already got around 10,000+ downloads so far with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 in play store. Put your event on the map. All the information you need about an event at your fingertips. When you add the location of your event—like the name of a restaurant—Calendar fills in the address, shows you a map and the weather, and lets you know when it’s time to leave. Download Agenda for Mac to keeps track of your events, tasks and thoughts.



You are getting a good customizable calendar software here which stays invisible but will always have all the user’s important tasks & events visible on the desktop. Another great thing about the software is the alarm system which will remind you about the due event so that you never forget your role.

Lightning Calendar

A calendar will enable you to stay organized with your schedule & the important events of your life in an easy way. The software would be integrated with Seamonkey and Thunderbird email. As a user, you would be able to manage several calendars, create the everyday to-do list, subscribe to the public calendars & invite your buddies to events.

SkWire Empire

If keeping tab on birthdays is a huge deal for you, this software would be your savior. You are getting a straightforward simple application here that would enable to keep tab on birthdays on friends, family members & clients. There are even checkboxes that track whether the user has sent a gift or a card to the birthday girl or boy that year.

Desktop Calendar

This is a small yet powerful calendar & event reminder software which will unobtrusively sit on the user’s desktop & can be used whenever you wish to. It does not take much memory given its small size and will enable you to enter as many reminder you want daily. You can customize fonts, colors & tooltips.

Efficient Calendar

As the name suggests, this is actually a very efficient desktop calendar software which also acts as a scheduler, planner & reminder. It works cross-platform and with it you can manage time in PCs & mobile phones. You will multi calendar views here, accompanied by list views to arrange & track the events.


You are getting an easy personal organizer program here that includes calendar, along with address book, task manager & notes modules. You are getting an in-built full-year calendar here with day notes, advanced reminder and alarms for the tasks ahead, birthday browsing facility from your contact list and so on.

Interactive Calendar

It’s a wonderful fusion of calendar & day planner software available at free of cost. It will show the monthly calendar as well as the scheduled appointments right on desktop wallpaper to ensure that you do not miss out on the meetings ahead. The software can even change the wallpaper of your desktop at scheduled intervals.

Desktop Calendar Software for Various Platforms

There is a wide range of desktop calendar software applications for various platforms. However, this is to remind here that not every such software programs are meant for all operating systems as there are some software applications that only work for specific OS. The one you go for must be compatible with your system’s OS.

Free Desktop Calendar software for Windows

If you are looking for a reliable free desktop calendar software for Windows, Desktop iCalendar Lite would be a good choice for you. The program assures easy management of events & to-do list right on your desktop. The program further allows subscription to Google calendar for holidays or election

Free Desktop Calendar Software for Mac – MagiCal

If you have been in search of a Free desktop calendar software for Mac, MagiCal would anyday be a good option for you. The menu-based clock & calendar program comes with a wide scale of easy configuration options to decide on how date and time would be displayed. It will reside in your system’s menubar.

Most Popular Desktop Calendar Software for 2016 – VueMinder

If you are looking for an efficient desktop calendar software, VueMinder software is the program for you. The software is designed to define tasks & sub-tasks, schedule appointments so that you know when to meet whom beforehand, offers calendar views in multiple overlays such as day, month, week, year & timeline views.

If you want to know about most popular desktop calendar software for 2016, VueMinder would be a good name for you. Not only it shows you calendar and your scheduled events but it even allows you to define tasks & split up the big tasks into sub-tasks. There are even customizable reminders so that you don’t forget your due tasks.

What is Desktop Calendar Software?

A desktop calendar software is the one which shows calendar for your desktop. But such software programs are more than showing you just calendars- in fact, they are equipped to help you in scheduling your tasks and events so that you know what to do when. Some of the most advanced desktop calendar software applications can even split the big tasks into smaller sub-tasks.

The leading ones allow you to pin your important notes to specific dates to the calendar. In most of the cases, the calendar will run in an unobtrusive way on your desktop but your schedules and tasks would stay visible.

How to Install Desktop Calendar Software?

To install desktop calendar software, follow the download link of the software you are taking to. Now, before you actually download it, do not forget to check the software’s compatibility with your system’s OS. When the download is complete, you will have the installation link as well as the needed installation instructions.

Benefits of Desktop Calendar Software

A desktop calendar software is much needed for every desktop. On one hand, it keeps you updated on time and on another hand it makes your life more organized.

As mentioned earlier, the desktop calendar software applications are also designed to schedule your tasks & events- this way these programs act as your personal assistant that will keep on reminding you of what tasks you have ahead so that you don’t forget the appointments and don’t miss out on the deadlines.

Some of the advanced options come with reminder or alarm facilities. Then, there are some desktop software applications that can even change your wallpaper at scheduled intervals.

Anybody who understands the significant of an organized life and is looking forward to eliminating risks of missing out on important meets or tasks would be benefited with a desktop calendar software. These software programs are a breeze to operate and anybody, with just basic computing skill would be able to use it.

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Calendar apps on your Mac help you enhance your productivity. You can plan your day, week, month, and year to achieve your professional goals. Moreover, these apps also help you manage your personal life. Manage all your events, assignments, appointments, and reminders with the best calendar apps for Mac in 2020.

#1. Informant

The informant has bundled your task planning, notes, and calendar in a single app. On your Mac, you can easily manage everything with this single organizer.

Trusted by more than one million users, the app is pretty and smart with features like color coding and emoticons.

When you integrate your tasks in calendar views, you get clear ideas of how your day looks and goes ahead. Focus View is a unique feature of Informant. This feature allows you to pay close attention to a single day at a time. Moreover, there are customizable sections to help you see groups of tasks.

With a strong task manager, you can create projects, use sub-tasks, and manage tasks. The addition of Franklin-style priorities is a remarkable achievement.

Price: $49.99

Agenda Mac Download

#2. Calendar 366 II

Calendar 366 II is arguably the most complete menu bar calendar for your Mac. Organize your events, reminders, appointments, meetings, to-dos, deadlines, birthdays, and more.

Individual display and themes are notable features. You can select your preferences according to year, month, week, or day. Next create your list or agenda, and color code from light red to dark to the darkest blue.

For any common user, natural text input is a boon. This feature quickly creates events without using any drop-down menu. For example, you can simply write: “Meeting with the designer team tomorrow at 11:00 am.”

Once you create events, you can find or search them with equal ease. And make changes in your events, add attachments, or notes.

Price: $14.99

#3. Fantastical – Calendar & Tasks

Fantastical shows a full calendar window having, day, month, year views. You can instantly turn on/off multiple calendars with a click.

Setting up a meeting in a different city? Then, you have a feature for the location-based reminder. How about adding a few lines to events? Yes, you can add event notes to help you recall your thoughts as well. What’s more, use the dark and light themes to add some fine customization.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $4.99)

#4. BusyCal

What sets BusyCal apart is the range of highly user-friendly features. The app enables you to create a quick to-do list, set reminders and alarms for future gatherings or events. Plus, you can instantly arrange events using natural language.

It displays your calendar in day, week, month, and year view. You can also customize these views as per your need. There is also an option to display a to-do list in the sidebar. Any special trait? You can also view live climate forecasts.

Price: $49.99

#5. Planner Pro

Aiming to organize your daily life better, Planner Pro can be your ideal companion. The app is built with a number of effective features that help arrange tasks efficiently. You can instantly add, edit, and remove events. Besides, you will be able to modify meetings’ timings without any hassle.

For each task, you can create various notes and set them based on priority. To manage tasks a little better, you can set reminders. Don’t want anyone to bump into your secret events? You can hide them to keep special events confidential.

Price: $24.99


Organize your life and get more done with this calendar and to-do list app that’s trusted by millions of users around the world. It syncs seamlessly between your mobile, computer, web, and tablet to have your tasks, reminders, to-do lists, calendar, and schedule up-to-date at all times.

Further, you can even collaborate and get more done with any other person using shared lists and assigned tasks. It comes with a powerful widget that lets you have your calendar and to-do list always at hand for easy access. It also supports voice-entry and cross-platform usage for reminders.

Price: Free

#7. InstaCal

InstaCal is simple but pretty neat regarding functionality. You can instantly open this app using a configurable keyboard shortcut. Then, you will view your calendars and configure them.

It allows you to use any calendar apps which you have added to your Mac. For instance, it works with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and more. Besides, you can use customizable calendar colors to make the interface more appealing.

Price: $4.99

#8. Calendars

Agenda Mac Download Software

Calendars app is your one-stop solution to access your events, weather information, Google, Facebook, birthdays, and more. This app surely saves your time as you are not supposed to check your emails and Facebook feed separately. A great boost to your productivity at the office and home.

Facebook integration in Calendars is a praiseworthy move as you can check birthdays of your loved ones with a single click. Moreover, you can check events you are invited to and friends who are going to attend the events. The app also gives you weather forecasts for up to 15 days. Now plan your day or week much in advance!

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

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#9. EzyCal

Want to be highly productive? EzyCal helps you organize your daily tasks, meetings, be it social or professional, and manage them immaculately. Since it is a Gregorian calendar, it will let you use natural language event and set reminders with beautiful calendar views.

You can effortlessly add events and make to-do lists to remain ahead of the time. Keep track of your activities. Apply vibrant colors to highlight key sessions. How about altering the size? Yes, you can have various screen sizes to have a comfy look at your agenda.

Price: $2.99

#10. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook combines email and calendar to make your office life easier. Making the most of Microsoft 365, this app helps you access your emails, files, calendar events, and contacts across all accounts. On top of this, personalized inbox and calendar let you prioritize your tasks.

You can check multiple calendars at once and place your commitments in the right order. Just keep your favorite people front and center with calendar, contacts, and email.

A smart worker, Microsoft Outlook automatically adds your travel, bill payments, and reservations to your calendar.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $69.99)

That’s all, friends!

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What is your plan?

Individually, people like to use calendar apps on their iOS devices. However, when in office, they prefer everything on a larger screen of Mac. Therefore, this updated list of calendar apps was long due. Which calendar app do you use on your Mac? Share your feedback with us in the comments below.

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